Create a WebAR Brand Experience for Your Clients by XR Bootcamp

Jul 5, 2023, 6:00 – 7:30 PM

Are you an agency or freelancer looking to create powerful, accessible, and app-free AR web campaigns accessible through any smartphone? Join this session to learn more!

About this event

WebAR is a critical skill for any AR developer's portfolio. It opens up an immersive new AR world for clients and customers alike—for anyone with access to a web browser. We will showcase WebAR development through a simple-to-use Cloud Editor and deployment to smartphones, tablets, computers, and AR/VR headsets.


  • You don’t need to be an expert AR developer to create a powerful WebAR experience. Standard HTML and Javascript are enough! If you have web experience, you can learn WebAR quickly.
  • Use templates to start with! Templates make it easy to start building and learning from complicated projects with 0 Experience.
  • Own your development. Have total control over your launch timelines, development process, and collaboration with others without restrictive policies or app ecosystems.
  • Show your new WebAR skills to agencies who need your creativity. AR is relevant like never before. More and more brands are seeking to activate AR experiences for their audiences.


  • Walk through the development of a WebAR experience with 8th Wall's Cloud Editor, showing you how easy it is to get a WebAR experience up and running!
  • Delve into the top use cases for WebAR and clone a sample project.
  • Learn why brands are increasingly interested in browser-based AR experiences to showcase their value to audiences.
  • Introduction to 8cademy, a self-paced, online school where you can go from starting your first project to publishing a unique WebAR experience in less than 5 hours.


This open lecture hosted by Evan Carlson, Developer Support Engineer at 8th Wall, Mische Kang, Global Learning Manager for AR Developer Platforms at Niantic, Crimson Wheeler, Software Engineer & Game Designer, will help grow your WebAR skills and meet those brands’ needs for powerful, immersive experiences!

Evan Carlson (he/him) is a Developer Support Engineer at 8th Wall. Evan Carlson is a Developer Support Engineer at Niantic, focused on supporting the WebAR community. He is a designer and developer passionate about interaction design and augmented reality – with expertise in three.js and React. Evan graduated from the University of San Francisco with a degree in Computer Science and previously worked as a technical support specialist at Apple.

Mische Kang (they/them; she/her) is the Global Learning Manager for AR Developer Platforms at Niantic. They specialize in the intersection of AR development and learning, believing it’s critical to our collective future to get as many different kinds of people creating in the real-life metaverse as possible. They have worked across the education landscape over the last ten years, including in the K-12, university, international nonprofit, and Edtech sectors. Recent collaborations include leading course development for IDEO U and Snap Lens Academies. Mische has a BA from Wellesley and an MA in Education from Stanford.

Crimson Wheeler is a Software Engineer, Game Designer, VR/AR Developer Co-founder of IC Studio. He specializes in Unity development, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Prototyping and Systems design. He aims to implement new technology to explore exciting and innovative ways to make amazing applications and experiences. He worked with MIT Reality Hack 2023 Organization Member, AR House member, UNH HighTech-bound Intern, and Young Entrepreneurs Academy Participant. His accomplishments: Grand Finalist at MIT Reality Hack 2022, and Top 10 in Destination Imagination Tech track for Globals.


  • Mische Kang

    Niantic Inc.

    Global Learning Manager

  • Evan Carlson

    Niantic Inc.

    Developer Support Engineer

  • Crimson Wheeler

    IC Studio

    Co-Founder & Engineer


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