Cre8te: Mastering VPS Tools for Historical AR Experiences

Feb 20, 7:00 – 8:00 PM

Dive into the world of location-based AR in our Cre8te workshop. Learn to use 8th Wall's VPS tools to craft immersive historical experiences. This hands-on session will guide developers through creating engaging AR content that bridges past and present.


About this event

Join us for an in-depth Cre8te workshop focused on unlocking the potential of location-based augmented reality (AR) to bring historical narratives to life. In this session, we’ll explore how to effectively use 8th Wall's Visual Positioning System (VPS) tools, empowering developers to create AR experiences that seamlessly integrate the past with the present.

To ensure a productive and hands-on learning experience, attendees should have a foundational understanding of A-Frame (a web framework for building virtual reality experiences) and maintain an active 8th Wall account.

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