Info + Ideation: 8th Wall Time Capsule Challenge

Feb 6, 7:00 – 8:00 PM

Join our 'Info + Ideation' session for the 8th Wall Time Capsule Challenge! We'll cover all challenge details and host a brainstorming session to spark your creativity. Dive into the challenge’s theme, prizes, and criteria, and start shaping your innovative AR time-travel experiences!


About this event

Welcome to the 'Info + Ideation' session for the 8th Wall Time Capsule Challenge, a unique opportunity to delve deep into the world of augmented reality and historical storytelling. In this virtual event, not only will we cover all the essential challenge information, but we’ll also engage in a dynamic brainstorming session, designed to ignite your creativity and help shape your project ideas.

Dive into the details of our exciting prize pool totaling $15,000, including the prestigious 'Era Pioneer Grand Prize' of $5,000 for the developer who best captures historical or futuristic interpretations. Learn about the 'Timeless Creativity Prize', 'Temporal-Geographic Explorer Prize', 'Historian’s Choice Prize', and 'Cultural Heritage Prize', each offering unique recognition and rewards for your innovative and culturally rich creations.

We will also delve into the judging criteria for the challenge:

Time Traveler - How creatively and effectively does the experience embody the concept of time travel?

Innovation - The uniqueness and fresh application of 8th Wall features in your project.

Niantic Mission - How your creation aligns with Niantic’s values, inspiring exploration and communal engagement.

Completeness - The overall polish and completeness of the experience.

Our brainstorming session will provide a platform for you to discuss ideas, ask questions, and get feedback from peers and experts alike. Whether you're an experienced AR developer or just starting out, this event is the perfect kickoff to your Time Capsule Challenge journey.

Join us and become a part of this thrilling adventure through time and technology!


  • Pablo De La Hoya

    8th Wall

    Community Manager

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